May 23, 2024



The Importance of Flexibility by Master, Eric P. Laino

The Importance of Flexibility by Master, Eric P. Laino
We have all seen Jean Claude Van Damme and others doing splits between chairs and throwing those high fancy kicks on screen and flexibility is important for those things but flexibility is much more than that.

You need a flexible mind, probably more important than having a flexible body. Flexible mind in the sense of quickly adapting to any situation that may arise in life. Now flexibility is important in the Martial Arts for quick movement and for the economy of motion but, most importantly to prevent injury of the body.
Now a flexible mind is to learn, adapt, overcome and to keep an open mind. So is to not be arrogant and closed minded, to try new things and take on new challenges in all aspects of life. So remember everyone, don’t just have flexibility of the body but, even more important, have flexibility of the mind.

I would like to share with you three tips for improving your flexibility without stretching exercises.

Range of Motion. You must work your body parts through the full range of motion regularly to improve or even maintain flexibility.

Lengthen Your Stride. When you are walking or even running be sure to take long steps to lengthen your stride and maintain maximum flexibility.

Stay Hydrated. It is important to drink lots of water to maintain a flexible body because your muscles become tight and you can easily become injured when you are dehydrated.

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