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The Goal of World Hapkido News

The Goal of World Hapkido News

Dear Hapkidoist:

As the President of the USA Hapkido Union, Inc I would like to thank you for your support of Hapkido and your interest in the Korean Hapkido Community and the World Hapkido News website. As a valued subscriber we look forward to working more closely with you in the future. I personally invite you to submit news articles from your school to share as a contribution to the World Hapkido News Community.

In this Free website it is our goal to provide you with educational articles, news and entertainment information related the dynamic Korean Self-Defense martial art of Hapkido along with articles about the true Hapkido leaders around the world who are working together to grow and share our martial art. Every month we will present historical articles, how to articles, news and reviews of Hapkido related products and biographical information about the historical figures of our art past and present.

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Richard Hackworth

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If you are new to the Art of Hapkido we would like to tell you a little about our fascinating art.

The martial art known as Hapkido is an art of complete self-defense.  Those who study it are more than capable of defending themselves in any type of situation, being more than able to apply their confidence and discipline from the art to enhance their lives, protecting themselves and those that they love as well.

Hapkido teaches students to use minimal force with any stronger opponent.  Contrary to other martial arts, it doesn’t involve strength to execute the techniques.  To control the opponent and take him down, Hapkido focuses on pressure points and the impact they have on opponents.  It also involves a very powerful arsenal of thrusts, spin kicks, and sweeps.  If they are executed properly, the moves from this martial art can be very effective against opponents and attackers.

Along with kicks, punches, and pressure point attacks; Hapkido also uses wrist and joint manipulation locks, along with several throwing techniques.  Altogether, there are nearly 300 categories of special movements in Hapkido that involve nearly 3,500 techniques.

Hapkido is a very popular martial art, which is mainly due to the fact that just about anyone, regardless of age or weight can practice the techniques.  The martial art also involves systematic training and stamina exercise, which can improve your health.  You don’t need to be in the best shape either, as Hapkido can actually help your body as well as your health.

Studying Hapkido will also help with developing your muscles, along with your posture, controlling your weight, developing confidence, self-control, even fulfilling your spirit.  Although it is mainly based in self-defense techniques, it also teaches you how to become a better person and get yourself back in health and in touch with your spirit.

Throughout the style, the linear techniques work together to form a solid base in which all of the circular techniques can be perfected.  Everything in Hapkido is tried and tested, to come up with a balanced blend of techniques and skills that are apt for any situation.  With Hapkido being a martial art of self-defense, there is a lot of practice involved blocking attacks in many different situations.  This way, the stylist can be more prepared for any situation he finds himself in.

Today, Hapkido is practiced by men and women of all ages, even little children.  It is a very beneficial martial art, one that can be utilized from nearly any position or direction, such as lying, sitting, and standing.  It is an art of self-defense and can even help save your life in a dangerous encounter.

We invite you to seek out training at a school listed in our directory. Thank you for your interest in Hapkido.

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