July 23, 2024



Martial Arts Insights with GM Brian Ayotte

Martial Arts Insights with GM Brian Ayotte

In today’s modern world of technology, we have access to mentors and teachers from all over the world. It would be foolish if we didn’t make efforts to learn and study from them.

Martial Arts are full of great things for health and wellness benefits, it’s also full of egos and jealousy. Never let anyone’s negativity or jealousy slow your progress.

Don’t be so proud of a wall of certificates/Awards that you forget to teach others, this knowledge is meant to be passed on and shared.

Repetition is the master of all things, don’t try to shortcut the basics of your Art/Style by not putting in the work. Lay the foundation and build from there.

Consistent daily improvement and forward movement of self is an excellent health builder to fortify your body, mind, and spirit.

Being a great mentor/teacher means to give of your time, energy, and knowledge to those learning from you. This is our obligation to the next generation of martial artists.

Using peripheral vision often can help reduce your reaction times, giving you a quicker response to various situations.

Your best self-defense tools are your mind and experience. Those cannot be taken from you.

Stay around positive likeminded, goal-oriented people that aren’t afraid to fail to succeed. Stay away from negative people and situations that drain your energy.

Training isn’t always physical, we train the body, mind, and spirit, so meditate, visualize, and manifest your goals.

Always be happy for other people’s successes, their successes don’t take anything away from you.

Don’t go to your grave with knowledge that you could have shared with the youth of today. They need real mentors to learn from, not just Google.

About the author: Brian Ayotte is a Senior Master of Hapkido and the owner of the Family Martial Arts Club in Claremont, N.H. He holds a 7th Dan Black Belt in Tong Hap Kwan and Combat Karate. He is a Master of G-Jo Acupressure and instructor of wilderness first aid, CPR/Aed instructor and a former emergency medical technician. Visit his page at

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