April 24, 2024



Martial Artists and Survivalist: The Life of Grand Master Brian Ayotte 

Martial Artists and Survivalist: The Life of Grand Master Brian Ayotte 

Grandmaster Brian Ayotte is the owner and senior instructor of the Family Martial Arts Club, Branch #NH2301in Claremont, NH. Where he serves his local community by offering a variety of classes including Hapkido, Women’s Self Defense, Children’s classes, and classes for Special Abilities students.

Among his titles and awards you may be interested to know about are that he is a 7th Dan Black Belt Grand Master of the self-defense are of Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido.

He is also well versed in the Japanese martial arts and is the Soke. 7th dan of Combat Karate founded in 2000.

He holds an impressive 5th Dan KIAI KENPO Karate as well as a 2nd Dan in Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate/kobudo.

These advanced martial arts skills led to his being recruited to become a Security Specialist/police Defensive Tactics instructor level #5.

Grandmaster Ayotte understands that the balanced life of a warrior requires that he be knowledgeable in the healing arts as well as fighting skills. He is a Certified CPR /Aed healthcare level instructor and wilderness first aid instructor. He has spent eleven years as an Emergency Medical Technician. (E.M.T.)

From the Asian healing arts, he is a Master and active practitioner of G/jo-acupressure since 2000 as well as being an active Master, “Shihan” of the Japanese are of Reiki.

Grandmaster Ayotte is Lifetime member and the New Hampshire State Director for U.S.A. Hapkido Union.

In his spare time away from teaching he creates hand crafted martial arts weapons and is currently writing a highly detailed text book about the Hapkido Cane as a self-defense tool.

As a leader his other commitments include being a Lifetime member and sitting board member for Martial Artist of the Faith Worldwide.

If you live in the Claremont, NH area and are interested in taking classes Grandmaster Brian Ayotte can be reached at brianayotte@yahoo.com