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Introduction to Haemukwan Hapkido by Instructor Ma

Introduction to Haemukwan Hapkido by Instructor Ma
What is Haemukwan Hapkido?

Haemukwan Hapkido is a form of martial arts that has its origins in Korea. It is based on principles shared by Karate, Aikido and Judo. The teachings of Hapkido are meant to use martial arts not as a means of purposely inflicting injury, but rather as a form of self-defense. Because Hapkido is more about self-defense, it is known as a soft form of martial arts. Haemukwan Hapkido focuses on developing the individual as a whole through complete mind, body and spirit training.

Definition of Hapkido
The word Hapkido means (hap) harmony, (ki) energy and (do) the method. Haemukwan means (hae) new, (mu) martial and (kwan) school or family. By using this philosophy, a person trained in Haemukwan Hapkido can use an opponent’s own force of energy against him.

History of Hapkido
Hapkido was introduced during the Ko-Ryo Dynasty (918 A.D. to 1392 A.D.). It became a form of martial arts that was widely used until Japanese rule. It was reintroduced to Korea by Choi Young Sool in 1945. Richard Hackworth was the senior student of several of Choi Young Sool’s original students. He combined their curriculums under the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan. Since being officially recognized as a style of Hapkido in 2000, Richard Hackworth has visited countries around the world to promote the art through seminars and establishing new schools.

Types of Techniques
Haemukwan Hapkido uses techniques to defend against attacks with the use of pressure points, joint locks, strikes, kicks, chokes, strangles and using the opponents own force against them.

Training Philosophy
As with all styles of Hapkido, Haemukwan Hapkido is based on three principles: water principle, circle principle and harmony principle. With water principle, you use your movement like the fluidity of water, while using circle principle means redirecting your own energy through circular force and harmony principle means blending the two previous principles to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Developing Discipline
The physical and spiritual being of a practitioner of Haemukwan Hapkido is incorporated to develop the capabilities of self-defense. It also helps to harmonize your well-being by keeping a state of peaceful balance.

About the author: Instructor Ma is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean self-defense art of Hapkido and a 2nd Dan in Traditional Taekwondo. She is a professional sports and fitness model and a full-time Nursing student. She is the Language, Culture, and Leadership Development Teacher for the USA Hapkido Union, Inc.

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