June 12, 2024



Hapkido Techniques Against Multiple Opponents by KJN Richard Hackworth

Hapkido Techniques Against Multiple Opponents by KJN Richard Hackworth

When dealing with multiple opponents Hapkido students realize that the best defense is to run. But when cornered, and no escape seems possible, you need to focus on not getting surrounded.

At the USA Hapkido Union schools around the country students learn that the odds are obviously against you when dealing with more than one attacker no matter what martial art you practice. It doesn’t take much for your attackers to get the upper hand. Hapkido teaches that when defending against more than one attacker you must realize that one of the attackers may pull out a weapon or grab something off the ground to use as a weapon. That is why Hapkido students practice defense against weapons along with multiple attacker situations.

While MMA and Jujitsu are gaining popularity it will only take a few seconds to find out why going to the ground against multiple attackers can be a fatal mistake. Hapkido masters teach that in this situation you are an easy target and will likely be stomped into unconsciousness.

When fighting multiple opponents, Hapkido self-defense tactics have proven to be extremely effective. If you are truly concerned with fighting multiple opponents, you need to train in a style that addresses these combat situations. That is why Hapkido training includes training and live sparring against multiple opponents. Some other martial arts that may address this are:






Tukong MuSool

Yudo and YuSool

My Hapkido teacher always said to let common sense be your best defense. The worst thing you can do is try to stand your ground when there is a way out. Sometimes you may need to “create” a way out and they involve actual fighting. Some people may say “hit the biggest one and the rest will get scared”. That is not always the case, and the biggest one might not be near you. If you need to create an opportunity to leave, attack what you can, and get out of the situation.

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