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Hapkido Is Truly Evolutionary by KJN Paul C Holley

Hapkido Is Truly Evolutionary by KJN Paul C Holley
Originally techniques from Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu were combined with some of the techniques of the older Korean martial arts of Taekkyon and Tang Soo Do and Hapkido was formed.

There is much disagreement on the true founder of Hapkido as some say
Choi Yong Sool was founder and some say Ji Han Jae was founder.

Hapkido can be traced to a group of Koreans after the Japanese occupation of Korea.

These were
Dojunim Choi Yong Sool and
Seo Bok Seob, Ji Han Jae, Chinil Chang, Myung Kwang Sik, Kim Moo Hong and Myung Jae Nam who were direct students of Dojunim Choi or students of his direct students.

Hapkido was expanded to other countries and hapkido was on the way to becoming a popular system of self-defense and a truly excellent martial art.

Dojunim Ji Han Jae founded the Kwan of Sin Moo Hapkido which became very popular worldwide.

Many other Hapkido Practitioners went on to develop different ways of doing hapkido and formed their own kwans.

Grand Master Bong Soo Han founded the IHF and was considered the Father of Hapkido in America.

There are so many great Hapkido practitioners that have continued to further the evolution of our wonderful martial art of Hapkido.

Hapkido has been evolving since its conception and will continue to evolve as it is one of the true evolution martial arts of this world.

The following is a small list of different types of Hapkido and styles evolved from Hapkido that have been formed but, there are many more great ones not listed.

  1. Song Mu Kwan later renamed Sin Moo Hapkido
  2. Jung Ki Hapkido
  3. Huek Choo Kwan Hapkido
  4. Hapmudo
  5. Hankido
  6. Hwa Rang Do
  7. Kuk Sul Won
  8. Combat Hapkido
  9. Hapki yusul

10.Kwan Nyom Hapkido
11.Haemukwan Hapkido
12.Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido
13.Oh Do Kwan Hapkido
14.Yong Mu Kwan Hapkido
15.Tactical Hapkido
16. KumHo Kwan Hapkido

If your style of Hapkido is not listed does not mean it’s irrelevant. Please accept my apology as I just cannot list every Hapkido Kwan and there are hundreds if not thousands of different Hapkido kwans.

And as Hapkido has continued to evolve, I formed Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido which is a totally new concept of teaching Hapkido similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concepts.

There are many different ways of doing Hapkido and some think their Kwan is the only original way and they can think that way as it is their right to do so.

In closing, I believe one should be open minded and continue to teach hapkido regardless of which Kwan or way one teaches it as it continues to evolve for generations to come.

About the author: Paul C. Holley is a multi-arts Grandmaster and the Director of the State of New York for the USA Hapkido Union and owner of Family Martial Arts Club in Panama, New York. Phone: (716) 487-7296

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