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Hapkido Cane for Self Defense and Mobility Aid by Master Brian Ayotte

Hapkido Cane for Self Defense and Mobility Aid by Master Brian Ayotte

The USA Hapkido Union and the members of Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido would like to dedicate this article to the memory of Christopher Ayotte Sr. who tragically lost his life during a violent encounter last year.

The Cane is used by people of all Social Classes, Genders, and Nationalities.

In Ancient times, it was used by Royalty and aristocrats as a status symbol.

Does the Cane have a place in Today’s modern world as an effective self-defense tool? I say it is an Even more Effective weapon in modern times of guns, knives, tasers and pepper spray. Partly because it is an often-overlooked tool hiding in plain sight. Most thugs and thieves dismiss it, the cane is a walking aid and self-defense tool that travels freely throughout the world. Even being allowed into federal buildings and on airlines with ease. When other tools or weapons are Restricted or confiscated.

The person with a Cane moves about their way and freely passes through security and checkpoints. The cane is one of the most helpful tools for seniors and others who need it as a walking aid, allowing individual s 
To have independence as it provides stability and balance allowing them to have everyday mobility.

It’s an often-overlooked tool in self-defense situations, in the hands of a well-trained person the Hapkido cane is very effective if you find yourself in a situation to rely on it.

The hapkido cane uses stances and footwork to blend into the cane’s techniques. As a more well-rounded defense tool incorporating blocks, strikes, traps, trips, and throws. Because the cane is hidden in plain sight and can travel freely in our modern world as a non-threatening walking aid. Makes it an even better self-defense tool over other weapons that are restricted in a lot of places like guns and knives. The cane doesn’t require a lot of strength and is used by the young and old alike. Over 5.5 million people in the United States alone use the cane as a walking aid, over the last twenty-two years I’ve worked with the senior elderly population in my community and I can tell you for sure that among that age group the cane is as common carry to them as our hats and purses or sunglasses are to us. The Hapkido cane can be added into our strength and flexibility routines as well, just by adding exercise bands. Canes can also open doors or be used to drag out of reach items closer.

In the following pictures you will see the simple and effective use of the cane. And I would like to acknowledge my student and helper Christopher Courtemanche for his participation. The trap and lock picture were effective it’s just the cane color doesn’t show technique well.1.) two hand choke, defense cane to solar plexus sternum area as a stop/ check technique .2.) kick defense body change out of the way, brace cane and elbow or knife hand to side of the face.3.) Roundhouse punch block, trap, lock .4.) Round house kick to the thigh cane blocks and strikes to inner nerves in pelvic area of upper thigh.

I hope that you have enjoyed the article and that it gives you a second look at how the cane can help in our everyday lives. Senior Master Brian Ayotte.

About the author: Brian Ayotte is a Senior Master of Hapkido and the owner of the Family Martial Arts Club in Claremont, N.H. He holds a 6th Dan Black Belt in Tong Hap Kwan and Combat Karate. He is a Master of G-Jo Acupressure and instructor of wilderness first aid, CPR/Aed instructor and a former emergency medical technician.

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