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Grandmaster Paul C Holley

Grandmaster Paul C Holley

Grandmaster Holley was born premature at 2.5 lbs on June 5th, 1957 and was very frail. This made him small and made him a target for much bigger bullies.

This led him to begin his Martial Arts Journey on March 15th,1967 briefly studying Jujitsu and switching to study the art of Karate (Not sure what style? “Mr Pike Just called it Karate”)
He then discovered Chinese Gung Fu at a young age and started to train for quite a few years in it. He was awarded his 1st Black Belt in 1973 at the age of 16 and began to teach his own students in 1979 while in the US Army.

He trained in Hapkido and Taekwondo while stationed at Camp Stanley in South Korea and continued to study Hapkido and Taekwondo.

He also studied Kuntao, Kung Fu, Karate, Tai Chi, etcetera & still continues to learn from his mentors as well as from his students.

Grand Master Holley has helped hundreds of Martial Artists worldwide to further their knowledge or start their own systems etc.

He was Founder/Chairman of the old United Sokeship Alliance in the nineties and certified and recognized many great martial artists around the globe.

The United Sokeship Alliance changed names twice over the last two decades starting with first name change to (USAI) United Sokeship Alliance International and to the current name of (GUSA) Global United Sokeship Alliance which he is the Founder/Chief Executive Director.

He believes that as a martial artist we must be open minded and continue to expand our knowledge of martial arts throughout our lifetime.

Some of his top students like Kaiso Jereimy T. Rugg and Sigung Mark A. Weaver have founded their own systems.

Grandmaster Holley continues to train as he believes we are all lifelong students when it comes to the martial arts and don’t bicker over which style or system is best as they are all different paths going to the same destination. If You Love what Style or System you do, EMBRACE IT!!!! It is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

His Martial Arts Mentors include:

Dojunim Jae Jeannotte

Soke Billy D. Miller

Professor Lewis Whitney

Soke Allah Freedom

Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge Sr.

Grandmaster Jeffrey Everetts

Sijo Stephan Breu

Sifu Driscus Gamble

and a few other respected martial arts teachers.

Grandmaster Holley holds the following: Founder of the Global United Sokeship Alliance and Recognized as 10th Degree Black Belt

Founder of the TongHap Kwan systems of Hapkido and Taekwondo

Grandmaster Holley earned the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido under Dojunim Jae Jeannotte.

Grandmaster Holley has received Black Belt Rankings in several styles and systems including the following:

Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido – From Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge Sr.

Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do – From Grandmasters Jeffrey Everetts & Grandmaster Sue Everetts

Taekwondo – From Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge Sr. & Grandmaster Jae Jeannotte

9th Dan Recognition of Taekwondo From the Traditional International Taekwondo Federation and Chang Hun Taekwondo Association.

Black Belts in Kenpo from Professor Lewis Whitney & Grandmaster Adrian Roman

Kwon Bup (Korean Kempo) – From Grandmaster Frank Fuller

Native American Comando Kai Ninjutsu – From Soke Billy D Miller

American Shaolin Fighting Arts – From Sifu Driscus Gamble

Indonesian Kun Tao – From Grandmasters Jeffrey Everetts & Susan Everetts

Shaolin Yangsheng Fa – From Sijo Stephan Breu

Makoto Ryu Jitsu Te – From Soke Allah Freedom

Okinawan Seishinryoku Karate – From Soke Spirodon Nasiakos

Grand Master Holley has been inducted in many Halls of Fame including:

Bronze Life Achievement Award from the World Martial Arts League and the World Combat Arts Federation

Warrior of the Year from the Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association.

Grandmaster of the Year from the Martial Arts Association International

Year of the Tiger,Tai Chi Instructor of the Year from the Martial Arts Health and Fitness Association

Instructor of the Year from WOMA International Hall of Honor

Grandmaster of the Year: WOMA International Hall of Honor

Founders Award 2018: WOMA International Hall of Honor

Grand Master Holley holds several positions in Martial Arts Organizations including:

Founder/Chief Executive Director – Global United Sokeship Alliance

USA Representative – American Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association

USA Representative – International Combat Union


New York Director – Universal Ko Shin Mu Sool Hapkido Federation

New York Director – Mang Ho Martial Arts Federation

New York Representative – International Bujutsu Society

New York Representative – US International Grand Masters Sokeship Union

New York Representative – World MooSul Kwan Federation

Eastern Regional Director – Fighting Arts United