July 23, 2024



An Injury is Only a Set Back by KJN James R. Hogwood, PhD

An Injury is Only a Set Back by KJN James R. Hogwood, PhD

Overcoming Injuries and Achieving Your Goals is what I’m made of. In this month’s article I’m going to discuss the true meaning of overcome and adapt.

I started my career in Law Enforcement in 1988 with the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections 25 years later I retired my career with The Chattanooga Police Department.

During this time, I served in just about every capacity Correctional Officer, Intake Officer, Work Release Officer, DUI Task Force, SWAT Operator, Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Neighborhood Watch Liaison, Better Housing Liaison, Spanish Liaison, Special Investigation Officer, Patrol Supervisor, FTO Supervisor, Honor Guard Supervisor, Federal Weed and Seed Supervisor, Administrative Aid, etc.

With all these assignments came great challenges and hidden dangers. I had both knees blown out, right hip sub located, massive hernias, right elbow dislocated, left shoulder torn out, both eyes cut, stabbed, drug by a car and shot, but I know my calling and continued to press on until I was forced to retire when I developed heart complications due to high levels of the stress hormone Cortisol dumping in my heart over and over throughout my career.

I have had so many knee injuries due to foot pursuits, fights, and traumatic incidents, that I have had both knees total replacement. I still through all this trauma on my body continue to teach young men and women in Law Enforcement and Military Services how to protect themselves and others so that they can go home to their families each day.

When I was told that I was being forced to retire it devastated me mentally because all I knew for 25 years was helping and protecting others. Getting up every day and putting on a uniform that represented courage, duty and honor. So, I sit down for the next six months waiting to die as that was what I was told to prepare for.

After a while, I realized that even if I only had a short time, I was going to spend it helping others. I started a Nonprofit company for the betterment of women (National Self-Defense Agency). Ever since I have been developing a program to train women in scientifically proven program for self-defense. Even if I’m not around to see the fruits of my labor, the need was there, and I know it is for a great cause.

We must understand that it is not the notoriety but the cause that matters and when you can no longer do, you teach. So don’t let an injury or illness define you, make a stand and let your works be what people remember and not a label (injury, illness, or death).

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