Welcome Advisory Board Member SaBumNim Master Eric P. Laino

SaBumNim Master Eric Laino

I was born on September 10, 1976 in Abington, Pennsylvania. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia; my father a Vietnam Vet and Police Officer who studied martial arts and achieved the rank of Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate. This is who I consider to be my first martial arts instructor, teaching me from the time I could walk. My formal training started at the age of six (6) years old at the Glenside Shotokan Karate Club in Glenside, PA. I studied there for six years achieving the rank of Red Belt. I discovered the Korean Martial Arts when I was twelve (12) years old. I started learning Hapkido and Kuk Sool Won. My first Grand Masters were G.M. Sang B. Ko and H.Y. Kwon. I studied under these men for ten (10) years, and achieved 1st Dan Black Belt in 1991; 2nd Dan in 1993. I graduated high school in 1994, and in 1996 I did a short stint in the U.S. Army as a Food Specialist, training with other instructors wherever I was stationed. I was promoted to 3rd Dan in 1996; this is also the time I began learning Taekwondo (TKD).

After I was discharged from military service, I was promoted to 4th Dan in 2000. At this time, G.M. Ko had moved back to South Korea and G.M. Kwon had moved to Virginia.

I started learning under the top masters, Master Vince Sperduto and Master Charles Magnello, with whom I am still affiliated with to this day. In 2003, I started training under Grand Master Tae Soo Son at the Han Kuk Gym on 5th St. in Philadelphia. In 2009, I took a break from training for two years and returned in 2011, training under Grand Master Kyong H. Kim who really honed my skill set in TKD.

I returned home to the World Pro Hapkido Federation in September, 2017. I went to Southern California and tested in front of the World Pro Hapkido Federation President, Vice President, and the high ranking Grand Masters and Masters of T.W.P.H.K.D.F.; I tested for my 5th Dan Master rank and was honored with being promoted as Pennsylvania State Representative for the Federation, now North Carolina State Representative.

Some of the many accomplishments I am proud of include, but not limited to are:

  • Five-Time National Grand Champion in Fighting
  • Undefeated Amateur Kickboxer with Five Wins, 0 Losses, with Three Knockouts
  • 2015, Became Certified Executive Protection Specialist/Personal Bodyguard
  • 2016, Won Legends Hall of Fame Master of the Year Award
  • 2016, Named Pennsylvania State Representative for the World Korean Martial Arts Federation
  • 2017, Founded The Korean Martial Arts Institute
  • 2020, Co-Founded the Korean Pro Martial Arts Institute
  • 2020, Certified Member and Awared 5th Dan by The Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association
  • 2020, Named Affiliate Member of The Jung Ki Kwan Hapkido Association
  • 2020, Named World Hapkido Union Advisory Board Member
  • 2020, Named World Hapkido Union Demo Team Leader
  • 2020, Co-Founder of the United States Taekwondo Alliance