Welcome Advisory Board Member Boris Krivokapić

Boris Krivokapić

Boris Krivokapić (Belgrade, 1958) is Full Professor of Public International Law and Human Rights with “Union – Nikola Tesla” University (Belgrade, Serbia) and Samara National University (Samara, Russia) and academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN, Moscow). He got his B.A. (1979), M.B.A. (1985) and PhD (1988) at Belgrade University Faculty of Law. He is author of 44 books and over 200 other scientific works published in 22 countries. More on this one can find in English Wikipedia.

The very important part of his life are Martial Arts, in which he has been since 1974. In 1974-1983 he practiced Japanese arts – Judo, Jujitsu and Karate (Shotokan and Uechi Ryu). He was lucky to study under the very best Yugoslav instructors, some of which were internationaly recognized and practice with top Yugoslav players, some of which were 3rd in the world championships, 3rd in the Olympic games (Judo), European champions (Karate) etc. In 1980-1981 he spent one year in national service in Yugoslav Army special force (Rangers).

In 1983 he started WTF Taekwondo. He was 5 times champion of Yugoslavia and 5 times champion of Serbia in forms (poomse) and national vice-champion in sparring (kyorugi) in -83 kg division. As coach, with his club “Red Star” Belgrade he was 6 times team champion of Yugoslavia and 5 times team champion of Serbia. In 1996-2002. he was coach of Yugoslav national team in forms (poomse).

His first experience with Hapkido was in 1993 with the seminar od GM Kang Doo Sik (Korea-Austria, 8th Dan Hapkido).

In Spring 1994 under Korea Foundation fellowship he spent 2 months in Seoul learning Hapkido as personal student of GM Choi Sang Heum, Moo Lim Won Hapkido Founder and President of the Moo Lim Won Hapkido Federation. He had in fact private class with him, 6 times a week. Moo Lim Won belongs to a very direct, rational and efficient Hapkido schools in which the idea is to finish encounter quickly.

After comming back to then Yugoslavia, Prof. Krivokapić opened in 1994 the very first Hapkido club in the Balkans. Shortly after that he started his own style, based on Hapkido he learned from GM Choi but with some elements from what he learned in previous over 20 years in other martial arts and his own ideas. He called it Hapkikwan. In comparison to Moo Lim Won Hapkido, the difference was in paying much more attention to grapling (fight on the floor), introducing mandatory sparring as part of curriculum and exam for higher coloured and first black belts (6 types of sparring, under different rules), mandatory breaking boards, some new weapons etc. Yet, the essence, basic principles and vast majority of techniques remaind unchanged.

In period 1994-2002 Prof. Krivokapić was doing both Taekwondo and Hapkido, but since 2002 he has dedicated himself completely to learning and teaching Hapkido/Hapkikwan. Some 15 years ago he established fruitful cooperation with GM Serge Baulbil, Hoshinkido Hapkido Founder, which was natural due to the fact that GM Baubil and GM Krivokapić belong to the same Hapkido lineage – GM Kim Yun Sik (founded Bum Moo Kwan Hapkido in 1968) was teacher of both GM Choi (Korean teacher of GM Krivokapić) and GM Baubil.

Boris Krivokapić is officially recognized as Hapkikwan Founder by World Martial Arts Union (Chungju, South Korea), International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation, European Hapkido Union etc. He is also certified Hapkido Grandmaster by International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation, World Union Hapkido, European Hapkido Union and a number of other international Hapkido federations.

For his achievement in Martia Arts he recieved awards from distinguished Martial Arts organizations from South Korea, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and India.
Through the years, GM Krivokapić conducted many sucesful international Hapkido seminars in Serbia and countries of the region. In cooperation with the World Hapkido Union he is intended to continue spreading Hapkido in that part of Europe.

Prof. Krivokapić is Member of Advisory Board of the World Hapkido Union. He is also President of Hapkikwan Interntional and Serbian Hapkido Union and Vice-President of European Hapkido Union. More on him on: http://www.hapkikwan.com.

GM Krivokapić is married and has son and daughter. His son Djordje is also black belt in Hapkido / Hapkikwan.