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Walk the Hapkido Path by GM Brian Ayotte

Walk the Hapkido Path by GM Brian Ayotte
It is a self-discovery journey that we seek, but that does not mean that we walk alone. We are privileged to have mentors and instructors to help guide us along the way. Some of these great individuals are on their own path to self-discovery, and health and fitness goals. Just like you and me, some of them are instructors and educators, sharing their time and energy with those around them because they can often see more potential in these individuals.

Grandmaster Richard Hackworth is a shining light in the Hapkido community, he gives more of himself, his time and experience to others, because he likes to see them succeed. I am honoured to know him in a small role in the Hapkido community at large. There are many Kwans of Hapkido and that is fine for there are many versions of pizza, but I like all the Flavors and varieties that I’ve ever tasted. Think of each Kwan as a different chef working off of a similar menu, and I think that like myself, will learn to enjoy them.

I am 55 years old now, and I would rather spend my days teaching all who want to put in the respect and effort to train and learn than to waste time, energy, and valuable moments debating over which instructor or style is better.

We need to lift each other up and collaborate to partner with like-minded individuals. So that we can use all our talents to help further someone else’s walk with Hapkido and health goals. We should be learning and watching and listening to our mentors. They have a great knowledge and experience base, but they won’t be around forever, and each has a limited amount of time and resources to share. Honor these individuals with respect and try to give back to the Hapkido community at large as much as you can. Focus on life-changing positive reinforcement in others and help them walk the path of the Hapkido lifestyle just as your instructors and mentors have done for you.

There are a lot of Hapkido greats in the community that I respect and consider them to be the best in this Hapkido lifestyle, but I am not going to bore you with names. We all know who they are because they influence us and others to be the best daily.

My hope is that one day, when my days are going on earth people will finally remember that I was a positive role model, and not only walked my best path, but helped others to do the same, just as my mentors have done for me. We live in tremendous time when we can speak to one another across the globe instantly. Teaching and sharing our love and passion for Hapkido with one another in the world if you are studying Hapkido then you are an ambassador to the Hapkido community, and your words and deeds fall on ears that need positive support and friendships.  Be the change you want to see. I am honoured to be able to share with you, the future and growth of Hapkido in every face that you encounter and train with. They are the future to me the future looks bright.

Sending my deepest respect and thanks for all the grandmasters of Hapkido, who do their part to share their love and knowledge with us daily.

Grandmaster Brian Ayotte

About the author: Brian Ayotte is a Senior Master of Hapkido and the owner of the Family Martial Arts Club in Claremont, N.H. He holds a 6th Dan Black Belt in Tong Hap Kwan and Combat Karate. He is a Master of G-Jo Acupressure and instructor of wilderness first aid, CPR/Aed instructor and a former emergency medical technician.

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