July 23, 2024



USA Hapkido Union Philosophy Lesson 4 with Instructor Ma

HAPKIDO PHILOSOPHY QUEST FOR UNDERSTANDING Welcome to your philosophy and culture lesson for today from the USA Hapkido Union. I am Instructor Ma, your USA Hapkido Union language, culture, and character development teacher. Today’s Lesson is sponsored by www.USAHapkidoUnion.org In today’s lesson we will discuss Hapkido philosophy Quest for Understanding.

This series is to teach us some of the reasons that martial artists should study philosophy. This lesson comes from the book, “Be a Life Champion: The Martial Arts Way”. Let’s begin. Quest for Understanding. Philosophy also includes an understanding of nature and science. It is not easy to understand the breadth of these concepts at first glance. They are complicated and warrant deeper questioning and insight. The martial artist who considers their own quest for understanding learns much from the philosophical vision of the quest for understanding. It is necessary to question, even if the answers lead to other questions. For instance, a martial artist learns techniques and physical applications. Yet, like in philosophy, they cannot help but ask, “Why does this work?” Why, of all the techniques that exist, should they learn this particular technique? These questions unleash the quest to understand. The martial artist who never asks questions, never fully learns. Like nature and science, the study of one’s own martial art understanding and mindset is never finished. The philosophical quest for understanding relates to martial artist’s understanding of their own practice. For that reason, the philosophical version of the quest for understanding can benefit the martial artist’s experience as they become more proficient over time. The quest for understanding provides Hapkido practitioners with a clear understanding of the philosophy and its role in our martial arts community. It shows that philosophy is not dry or obscure, but exciting and alive, and reveals how we are all philosophers in the making.

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