April 24, 2024



USA Hapkido Union Philosophy Lesson 11 with Instructor Ma

HAPKIDO PHILOSOPHY OF LANGUAGE Welcome to your philosophy and culture lesson for today from the USA Hapkido Union. I am Instructor Ma, your USA Hapkido Union language, culture, and character development teacher. Today’s Lesson is sponsored by www.USAHapkidoUnion.org In today’s lesson we discuss Hapkido philosophy of language.

This series is to teach us some of the reasons that martial artists should study philosophy. This lesson comes from the book, “Be a Life Champion: The Martial Arts Way”. Let’s begin. Language. Finally, the last connection between martial arts and philosophy is revealed. According to general research, the philosophy of language involves language itself, language users, and the world. Language shapes who we are day in, day out. You have heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, it is how you say it.” This is a clear example of how language positively or negatively impacts others and the world. Martial arts are their own language. They have symbols and codes such as bowing or learning self-defense sequences or drills. They require interaction with others, whether as peers or instructors. They create scenarios and relationships between practitioners. They do not, however, require any specific verbal language for communication. Join a martial art class anywhere in the world and you can follow along even if the instructor does not speak the same language or words. Martial arts are a universal way of being that speak about defense in the fighting ring as much as peaceful meditative practice in the backyard. Through rich, bold traditions in history, martial arts are powerful language patterns. The martial artist who studies the philosophical concept of language not only improves their ability to communicate but establishes that their language influences the world positively or negatively. As Hapkido practitioners we apply the philosophy of language for more that its use in the relationship between meaning and truth, and how language relates to human thought and understanding, as well as reality itself. We know that through the effective use of language we may escalate or deescalate a potentially dangerous situation simple by our use of words and how we vocalize them with our tone of voice. This is often a part of the very first lesson in any good Hapkido school.

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