May 23, 2024



USA Hapkido Union Philosophy Lesson 10 with Instructor Ma

HAPKIDO PHILOSOPHY OF MIND Welcome to your philosophy and culture lesson for today from the USA Hapkido Union. I am Instructor Ma, your USA Hapkido Union language, culture, and character development teacher. Today’s Lesson is sponsored by In today’s lesson we discuss Hapkido philosophy of the mind.

This series is to teach us some of the reasons that martial artists should study philosophy. This lesson comes from the book, “Be a Life Champion: The Martial Arts Way”. Let’s begin. Mind. Philosophy of the mind is about how the mind and body intersect. In philosophy, it is how the mental state of being relates to the physical state of being. Clearly, a correlation develops for the martial artist between the mind and body. Once they learn the basic techniques, the martial artist turns inward to examine their physical abilities and their mindset. They begin to understand how the mind directly intersects with their martial art success. If you think you cannot do something, then surely you cannot. However, if you think you can, then you can. Martial artists use the positive “Yes I can” mindset, especially when competing or performing. Those who break concrete cannot do it without both technique (physical power) and mindset (mental power). Their mind and body become one. The philosophical view of how the mind strengthens the body is used often by the martial artist without them realizing the philosophical importance to what they do. To study this philosophical approach gives the martial artist proof that the mind-body connection is infinitely powerful. As Hapkido practitioners we highly value the philosophy of mind because it affirms our teachings and nature of the mind and its relationship with the body. This understanding and use of the mind-body connection is what makes Hapkido such a highly evolved and advanced martial art.

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