June 12, 2024



Self Defense Tips by Master Brian Ayotte

Self Defense Tips by Master Brian Ayotte

Self-defense and the use of force laws vary from state to state and or country as you know but there are several things one can do to avoid or stay out of harm’s way.

1.) There is safety in numbers. Travel confidently with a buddy pair up, buddy system.

2.) Be always aware of your environment. Scan in front of you as you walk to watch for potential dangers.

3.) Do your homework when travelling, research the area and learn to avoid the bad parts of town.

4.) Always avoid trouble unless you have no way to get out of an unsafe situation. Make sure you only use the amount of force needed to end the threat and escape safely.

5.) Stay calm. Never be provoked by name calling or gestures.

6.) Stay in good physical shape and walk confidently. Conditioning is your first technique.

7.) Stay in populated areas with good lighting. Limit your trips at night.

8.) Practice using your peripheral vision, it will make you more alert and give better reaction times.

9.) Don’t be glued to staring at a phone or tablet because these devices cut one’s awareness and reaction time way down.

10.) If you must defend yourself act swift and fierce as you or a loved one’s life may depend on it.

11.) Only use techniques you are familiar with. This is no time to apply an unproven unpractical technique.

12.) Take a first aid CPR/AED course. Be prepared if because you can just as easily run into first aid and CPR situations as we do self-defense ones.

Remember the bad guys use weapons and often work in pairs or groups to commit crimes. So don’t expect them to be unarmed or to fight fairly. Walk away and avoid it when you are able. Share these tips with friends and loved ones.

About the author: Brian Ayotte 6th Dan Senior Instructor in Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido, 6th Dan Combat Karate, Master of G-Jo Acupressure, certified Healthcare level CPR/AED Instructor, Wilderness First Aid Instructor, prior E.M.T. 22-year licensed Healthcare worker. Lifetime Instructor/board member for Martial Artists of the Faith Worldwide. Teaches Outreach Programs to Risk Youth. He is also an expert at survival skills such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and foraging.

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