April 24, 2024



Introducing Thomas Zarichansky

Martial Arts Experience 38 years experience – Started training November 1984

Tang Soo Do–Age 12–Moo Duk Kwan–Black Belt April 15, 1989, by G.M. C.S. Kim, International Tang Soo Do Federation (I.T.F.)

President and Head Instructor – Independent Native American Combat Arts Alliance

Hap-Ki-Do-Oh Do, Combat, Sin Moo, Ho Sin Soul, Jin Jung Kwan

Tae Kwon Do-G.M. J.P. Choi, G.M. Father Connolly, Master Mario Romano

Judo-Tom Keenan, Jim Bregman (1964 Olympic Medalist)

Kung Fu-G.M. J.P. Choi, Sifu RothRock

Shotokan-Age 11-Master Bill Viola-1984

Muay Thai Kick Boxing-Master John Hunt-2007-2008

Gum Do-G.M. J.P. Choi, GM Ho Sik Pak, GM Masayuki Shimabukuro

Cane-G.M. J.P Choi

Wrestling in Senior and Junior High School


7th Degree Black Belt-Master Instructor-Sabom Instructor-G.M. Ho Sik Pak-December 15, 2007

7th Degree Black Belt-Hap-Ki-Do -Recognized in World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation

Certified in Rape Prevention Seminar-A.M.D.K.A.-Master Keith Sherbaugh-2004

Certified in Hostage Survival Seminar-A.M.D.K.A.-Master Keith Sherbaugh-2004

Certified Personal Trainer-The National Alliance of Fitness Professionals

4th Degree Bronze Level Global Hapki – Zen Federation Grandmaster Han Jang Doo
4th Degree USA Kum Moo Yeh Federation Grandmaster Moon K. Kim
World Kum Moo Yeh Federation certificate of completion 4/22/2023
BJJ 1 year Gracie University
Judo Black Belt Association- John Snyder, Steve Scott

Competition Experience

Placed in over 25 tournaments in North America

World Championship Team I.T.F.-1990

Nationals-Masters-2nd place in Breaking, N.A.K.F.-G.M. Peter Oien

Body Building N.P.C.-Mr. Pittsburgh-1999, Mr. Teen Pittsburgh-1992

National Rifle Association (N.R.A) Teen Rifle Team

Judging Experience

Judge and Referee for the Battle of Columbus World Games

Judged over 40 Tournaments Nationally and Internationally

2008 and 2012 Co-Director Tang Soo Do

2005-Judge and Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Martial Arts Championship


The World Independent Tae-Kwon-Do Association

Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation-former TAC member

The World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation

2004-2007-American Moo Duk Kwan Association

1985-1993-International Tang Soo Do Federation

National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) Presently Card Member-Teen Rifle Team (1987-1990)


Oriental Martial Arts College

Global Korean Martial Arts Federation

World Dang Soo Do Union


Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame-Master of the Year-2013

Action Magazine Hall of Fame-2009

World Karate Union “Hall of Fame-2009 Instructor of the Year”

VIP at Arnold Classic Martial Arts-2008

35th, 34th and 31st Battle of Columbus Outstanding Contribution Award

Meritorious Commendation Award-G.M. Ho Sik Pak-October 16, 2008

Thank You Plaque for Tournament-Master Keith Sherbaugh-June 4, 2005


Movie Stunt Work and Acting Parts in “Sudden Death” with Actor Jean Claude Van Dam

Security at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University for the Asian Society


O.M.A.C CAMPS G.M. Jooh P. Choi Gum Do-Sword-Traditional Sword

Padded Weapons-“Moo Gong Ryn”


Hap-Ki-Do “Sin Moo”

Ki Moo Do

Tang Soo Do G.M. Ho Sik Pak Chil Sung Forms

Healing Forms

1 on 1 History of Korea and T.S.D.

Tang Soo Do G.M. C.S. Kim I.T.F. Fighting-Street and Tournament


Self Defense


Tang Soo Do Master Jack Pistella Self Defense


Gum Do ‘Sword”

Tang Soo Do G.M. Joe Goss Gun Defense and Law

Tang Soo Do G.M. Moon Kup Kim Fighting

Tournament Coach at I.T.F.-1990 Sparring

Tang Soo Do G.M. Joe Bruno Pyung Hyung Forms

Ninjitsu at Hall of Fame G.M. Duncan Self Defense

Action Martial Arts Magazine


Tang Soo Do Master Keith Sherbaugh Knife



Hostage Survival

World Independent Hap-Ki-Do Federation-Germany Hap-Ki-Do History

G.M. Klaus Schumacher Oh Do Kwan

Progressive Hap-Ki-Do

Korean Martial Arts-Canada G.M. Rudy Timmerman Hap-Ki-Do at Arnold Classic

G.M. Jimm McMurray was Substitute

G.M. Doc Braff Sword

Okinawian Karate G.M. Gary Lee Children’s Classes

at Arnold Classic Fun Classes

Kids Stuff

Joe Lewis Fighting System G.M. Joe Lewis Fighting System

Hall of Fame and Arnold Classic

Chuck Norris System Self Defense-Gun Defense

Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazine Street-Knife Defense

Hall of Fame G.M. George Alexander Self Defense

World Karate Union Sparring

Hap-Ki-Do G.M. Pellegrini Combat Hap-Ki-Do

Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazine

Sparring G.M. Bill Wallace Kicking

Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazine Stretchimg

Judo, Hap-Ki-Do Master Tom Keenan Judo

Combat Hap-Ki-Do

Olympian at Arnold Classic Master Jim Bregman Judo

Hall of Fame World Karate Union Mike Andrus Brazilian J.J.

Muay Thai

Pistella’s MA at Chatham University Self Defense

Shihan Hunt from Australia Pressure Points

Muay Thai

Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazine G.M. Michael DePasquale Jr.



Arnold Classic 2005 Aikido

Okinawian Karate at Arnold

Founder – Native American Combat Arts Program

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, July 16, 2022 distinguished master award

Sport Karate Museum History General Award, October 7, 2022

Sport Karate Museum Dragon image/Jim Harrison Memorial natural fighter award October 7, 2022