June 12, 2024



Haemukwan Hapkido differs from other traditional Korean martial arts

Haemukwan Hapkido differs from other traditional Korean martial arts

The primary difference in our purpose in that Hapkido is purely for self-protection and personal development. That is why the Hapkido belt system differs from other traditional martial arts.

In many traditional martial arts, the different colored belt ranks are based on your tournament participation. But because Hapkido is extremely effective and dangerous if used in competition our belt system is based on a division of the curriculum starting with the beginner foundation stages on up to more advanced belt ranks.

Just like there are grades in school our color belt system is the grade levels of the traditional martial art of Hapkido. Hapkido is not just a martial art but a self-protection-based self-development system to help the practitioner improve in all aspects of their life through the mind, body, and spirit training lifestyle.

There are no belt ranks in boxing and wrestling but through time in training someone moves up from being a beginner to a novice to an expert. The same goes for Hapkido where you can reach black belt and beyond and for those of the those that answer the calling may even attend the instructors’ course and masters’ course choosing to make teaching Hapkido a career.

We have different level classes because we want new people to get their foundation skills down before progressing to more complicated aspects of training. Breaking the training down into levels helps people master the curriculum requirements for each grade more efficiently.

Our system is about protecting ourselves and our loved ones. And we do whatever it takes to make that happen. Because you were learning a self-defense system there is much more to learn but it is all scientifically organized to make training safe and fun and easy to learn.

We invite you to join the Hapkido school nearest you.

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