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Applying the 3 Primary Principles of Hapkido By Instructor Ma

Applying the 3 Primary Principles of Hapkido By Instructor Ma

One of the things that makes Hapkido an incredibly effective martial art that is easy to learn is that there are three primary principles to remember. Those primary principles of Hapkido are Ryu, Won and Wha.

Ryu – Water or Flow

In Hapkido we do not meet the force straight on. We disperse it and let it flow by.

Fluid movement maximizes the transition between offense to defense and defense to offense. Learn to manipulate your opponent’s openings.

Fluidity allows for the synthesis of external and internal energy. Learn to coordinate both forces.

Won- Circle

In Hapkido we use Centripetal, centrifugal, spinning forces to create efficient self-defense techniques.

We know that circular movements make it possible to use the opponent’s strength against him. It also allows for offensive and defensive techniques to be executed simultaneously. The stronger the attacking force of the opponent, stronger the force of retaliation.

The circle symbolizes the source of the universe and its limitlessness. In Hapkido the circle represents the comprehensiveness of the art, which includes linear, arcing, circular offensive, and defensive techniques. It also reminds us that there can be no bounds in our martial arts training. Only through continual training and patience one can progress forward in Hapkido.

Wha – Harmony

In Hapkido Harmony of the mind, body and spirit is achieved through training. The harmony of applying the use of Ryu and Won creates Wha or harmony in our techniques. It is the foundation of the Korean martial art of Hapkido.

In Hapkido we learn to harmonize with our opponent’s force and make that force our own.

Harmonize the principles of martial arts to understand its true meaning. In Hapkido strive to develop martial artists, not just students, it is our hope that you will dedicate yourself to your training to a lifelong learner and benefit greatly from your training and practice.

About the author: Instructor Ma is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Korean self-defense art of Hapkido and a 2nd Dan in Traditional Taekwondo. She is a professional sports and fitness model and full time Nursing student. She is the Language, Culture and Leadership Development Teacher for the USA Hapkido Union, Inc and can be reached at www.USAHapkidoUnion.org I invite you to subscribe to our channel at https://youtu.be/gMVWEM07YTY