July 23, 2024



12 Hapkido Kicking Tips to Power Up Your Technique with GM Eric P. Laino

12 Hapkido Kicking Tips to Power Up Your Technique with GM Eric P. Laino:

  1. Focus on precision over power: While power can be beneficial, accuracy reigns supreme in Hapkido. Aim for vulnerable targets like the knees, shins, and solar plexus with focused strikes rather than aiming for brute force.
  2. Master your kicks from the ground up: Develop strong stances and stable balance before adding kicks. A sturdy foundation ensures proper technique and prevents you from being easily off balanced.
  3. Snap don’t swing: Kicking techniques like the roundhouse kick often emphasize a snapping motion at the point of impact rather than a wide swinging motion. This generates more power and control.
  4. Engage your core: Remember, your core is the powerhouse of your kicks. Engage your abdominal muscles for stability, power generation, and proper transfer of force from your body to the kick.
  5. Maintain chambering: Don’t telegraph your kicks by raising your leg too high before striking. Instead, keep your leg chambered close to your body, ready to unleash a quick and surprising attack.
  6. Variety is key: Hapkido boasts a diverse kicking arsenal. Master various kicks like front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse kicks, and sweeps to adapt to different situations and targets.
  7. Train both sides: Don’t neglect your weaker leg. Regularly practice kicking with both legs to ensure balanced development, flexibility, and overall technique improvement.
  8. Condition your striking tools: Strengthen your shins, instep, and balls of your feet to withstand impact and deliver powerful strikes without injuring yourself.
  9. Timing is everything: Learn to time your kicks effectively. Striking at the right moment can create openings, disrupt your opponent’s balance, and maximize the impact of your technique.
  10. Combine kicks with joint locks: Hapkido excels at integrating kicks with joint locks and throws. Practice seamlessly transitioning from kicks to takedowns or submissions for a well-rounded self-defense strategy.
  11. Practice against resistance: Once you’ve mastered solo drills, progress to kicking with resistance from a partner or training equipment. This simulates real-world scenarios and hones your kicking accuracy and power under pressure.
  12. Seek guidance from a qualified instructor: Learning Hapkido kicks effectively requires proper instruction. Find a reputable instructor who can provide personalized feedback, correct your technique, and guide you on your kicking journey.

Remember, consistent practice and dedication are key to mastering Hapkido kicks. These tips serve as a starting point, so utilize them, train diligently, and unleash your inner kicking prowess!

About the Author: GM Eric Laino is the Vice President of TongHapKwan Hapkido, owner and chief instructor at GM Laino’s Hapkido school. He is the Sparring Coach for the USA Hapkido Union Team and a frequent contributor to the World Hapkido News website.

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